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Hand tools NAICS Code: 332 -- Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing/332216 -- Saw Blade and Handtool Manufacturing REQUEST FOR QUOTATION RFQ-5180-01-426-1986 October 9, 2014 United States of America GSA Global Supply 1500 E. Bannister Road Kansas City, Missouri 64131 Phone: (816) 926-3582 Email: FOR INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Katie Norton Please submit your response by close of business Thursday, October 16, 2014 via the above email. Important: This is a request for quotations, and quotations furnished are not offers. This request does not commit the Government to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of the submission of this quotation, or to contract for supplies or services. Supplies are of domestic origin unless otherwise indicated by quoter. If you are unable to quote, please so indicate on this form and return. Please review the attached item purchase description(s). Delivery shall be FOB Destination. Shipment time ____________________ARO (After receipt of order) Price is valid through ____________________________ Vendor's Minimum Order Amount, if any:___________________ Business size: Large _______ or Small ________ Vendor's DUNS Number: ____________________________________ Name & address of vendor and signature of quoter: Name:_____________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________ City:_________________________________ State:________________ Telephone: _____________________________FAX: _________________ Print name:___________________________________________________ Signature:____________________________________ Date:_________ PLEASE NOTE: Effective October 1, 2003 all vendors seeking to do business with the Federal Government are required to register with the Central Contract Registration at If you are not registered and are not willing to register we will not be able make an award to your firm. Return pages 1 through 3. Failure to return all pages will result in your quote being removed from consideration. Please provide pricing for the following NSN(s). See description(s) below. NSN QTY Unit price 5180-01-426-1986 1 5180-01-426-1986 UI: KT TOOL KIT, PIPEFITTER'S: The following header paragraph(s) shall apply to the item purchase description(s) where applicable. If there is a conflict between the item purchase description and the header paragraph(s), the header paragraph(s) shall take precedence over the item purchase description. Notwithstanding the requirements specified herein, cadmium plating is not acceptable. In the event no alternative coating, finish, or plating is specified, a rust preventative finish as used in standard commercial practice shall apply. When chromium plating or finish is specified and the manufacturer has a commercial coating of the same color and texture of chromium that the manufacturer uses in lieu of chromium; then the alternative coating can be used, provided the coating meets Aerospace Standard SAE AS4984. Each set or kit shall contain a dated parts list or packing list citing the GSA contract number (if applicable), GSA purchase order number, date of purchase order, kit national stock number (NSN), each component NSN (if applicable), kit noun name, each component noun name, and quantity of each component. Unless otherwise specified in the item purchase description, each kit or set and each component of the kit or set shall have, in addition to any other required marking, identification marking indicating the manufacturer's name or identifying symbol, and the state or country of manufacture. The marking shall be engraved, etched, or stamped in such a manner that it will be permanent to the extent that it will remain clear and legible throughout the life of the item. Workmanship: Details of workmanship shall be in accordance with the best commercial standards and practices. Paints, coatings, platings, and finishes shall be smooth, adherent, continuous, and not stained or discolored. Fasteners shall be firmly secured and show no evidence of deformation, cross threading, or hazardous burrs. Adhesives and lubricants adequate for their intended purpose shall be properly and neatly applied. Adhesives shall be adequately cured. Wires and cables shall be neatly dressed and shall not be frayed or in contact with sharp edges. Wire and cable insulation shall show no evidence of burns, abrading, or pinch marks. There shall be no interference, binding, or galling of parts. External and bearing surfaces shall be free of tool and gouge marks, nicks, or other surface imperfections. The item shall be clean and free of corrosion and debris (e.g. chips shavings, slivers) or other foreign material. The item shall be free from manufacturing workmanship defects (e.g., loose, missing, binding or misaligned parts, sharp or rough external edges, corners or surfaces) and material defects (e.g., pits, rips, fins, burrs, tears, nodules, cracks, blisters) which may adversely impact the item's serviceability, durability, safety, or appearance. DESCRIPTION This kit contains tool heads, inserts and gages for installing 1/4 inch NPS through 1inch NPS Lokring 3300 psi CRES fittings. Consists of five (5) individual kits, each packaged in a rugged, lightweight carrying case as follows: ITK20-3300-P04-FR tool head and Gage for 1/4 inch NPS fittings ITK30-3300-P06-FR tool head and Gage for 3/8 inch NPS fittings ITK30-3300-P08-FR tool head and Gage for 1/2 inch NPS fittings ITK30-3300-P12-FR tool head and Gage for 3/4 inch NPS fittings ITK45-3300-P16-FR tool head and Gage for 1 inch NPS fittings Lokring Technology part number 9080180 or equal. Offering on: Manufacturer's Name: ______________________________ Brand __________________________________________ Model or Part No. __________________________________ Table of product attributes included? ( Y / N ) ___________ PACKAGING One (1) item shall be preserved and packaged in a unit package designed to protect the item against damage during shipment, handling, and storage. MARKING All unit, intermediate, transport packages and unit loads shall be marked and bar coded for delivery to the GSA DEPOT and MILITARY ACTIVITIES shall be in accordance with the latest version of MIL-STD-129, "Military Marking For Shipment and Storage". "Latest version" is defined as the version in effect on the date of bid submittal. Federal Standards and Military Standards can be accessed on-line via the Defense Logistics Agency's "Assist" Quicksearch web site: NOTICE: All Pallets transported / Shipped to the GSA Depot MUST be HEAT TREATED and marked IAW IIPC Palletization: The shipping (transport) containers shall be palletized. The pallets shall be 48-inch length x 40-inch width, general purpose, four-way entry, flush stringer, and double-face non-reversible pallets. The palletized load shall not exceed 2500 pounds in weight for shipments to the Eastern Distribution Center (Burlington). The palletized load shall not exceed 2000 pounds in weight for shipments to the Western Distribution Center (French Camp Location). The palletized load shall not overhang the pallet deck board edge by more than 1 inch and shall not exceed 53 inches in overall height (including pallet). Less than half pallet loads or loads shipped by small package carrier in acceptable transport packing need not be palletized. When less than full but more than a half pallet is used, the palletized load shall utilize proper bracing and/or reinforcement to ensure that the load can withstand two additional loads placed on it. Stacking: A load-stacking test shall be performed once, at the beginning of the contract, for each different unitized or palletized load configuration. A fully palletized load shall be tested utilizing a total stack of three palletized loads, with all the proper bracing and/or reinforcement necessary to perform the test. There shall be no evidence of damage to the pallets, shipping containers or products when stack is tested on the rigid surface for a minimum of 24 hours, in compliance with all the National and Local Safety Regulations. The pre-tested palletized load configuration shall be duplicated using the same packaging materials, pattern, number of shipping (transport) containers, and procedures consistent throughout the duration of the contract. Palletized loads shall be stable and safe when handled with mechanical equipment by qualified personnel. Materials: All lumber used inside or outside a shipment shall be bark free. No used wood pallets with repaired components or stringers will be acceptable. All wood pallet stringers shall be manufactured from hardwoods. Pallets manufactured of materials other than wood, shall conform to all the requirements specified herein. Unitization: For the purpose of this requirement, the assembled group of containers or items in a single load that can be handled as a unit throughout the distribution system. Unitization encompasses, but is not limited to, consolidation in a container, placement on a pallet or load base having forklift capability, or securely binding together. Shipments should be considered for unitization where appropriate or specified. Unitization of pallet load: The palletized load shall be unitized and secured to the pallet to insure that the load arrives intact without product damage. The containers or items shall be placed in a suitable pattern to form a stable and balanced load. Vertical, horizontal or filler reinforcement shall be added as necessary to meet the stacking strength requirements. A palletized load shall be secured to the pallet by shrink or stretch wrapping, and/or, by steel or nonmetallic strapping. When steel or nonmetallic strapping is used, edge protectors shall be provided to prevent damage to the cartons when tensioning the strapping. As a minimum, two straps shall run lengthwise, two straps shall run widthwise, and two straps shall run around the girth of the palletized load. A palletized load shall be capable of protecting the products against damage in a multiple handling, transportation, and storage environment having distribution warehouses with rack systems that support the load/s overhead of warehouse personnel. Notice of special requirements for shipment to all countries, GSA Depots and DLA Consolidated Shipping Points that have endorsed the IPPC Guidelines for treatment of non-manufactured wood packaging: The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has approved and published Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade. Countries endorsing the IPPC Guidelines are found at the website given below. General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM) Clause 552.211-89 requires non-manufactured wood pallets and other non-manufactured wood packaging material used to pack items for delivery to or through IPPC countries be marked and properly treated in accordance with IPPC guidelines. Pallets and packing material shipped to FAS distribution facilities designated for possible delivery to the countries endorsing the IPPC Guidelines will comply with DLAD 47.305-1, and MIL-STD-2073-1. UNIT PACKAGES: The unit packages shall be packed in a close fitting fiberboard box in compliance with the Uniform Freight Classification and the National Motor Freight Classification requirements of Rules, Item 222, Sec. 3., Minimum 200 psi, or Edge Crush Test (ECT) 32 Lbs. per Inch Width. Vendors offering other than brand name items identified herein, MUST furnish with their quotes/offers adequate descriptive literature so that a determination can be made as to equality of the products offered; Including but not limited to, an all inclusive table of product attributes comparing brand name offer verses or equal offering. In order for the government to make an "or equal" determination of the offered product(s), the furnished information must delineate each applicable characteristic, unit of measure, and test method of the offered product(s) directly correlated to each of the requirements delineated in the item purchase description. Failure to furnish this information/literature will result in the bid being rejected as non-responsive and will not be considered for award. (see FAR clause 52.211-6). Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file. RFQ Type: Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Posted Date: October 9, 2014 5180-01-426-1986_IPD_10.14.doc (62.50 Kb) Description: RFQ Contracting Office Address: 1500 East Bannister Road Kansas City, Missouri 64131 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Katie Norton Phone: 8169263582