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Cooling Tower Equipment Two new state of the art water treatment systems Water purification & sewage treatment equipment NAICS Code: 221 -- Utilities/221310 -- Water Supply and Irrigation Systems STATEMENT OF WORK TURNKEY FOR CHILLER PLANT EVAPORATOR SYSTEMS MICHAEL E. DEBAKEY VA MEDICAL CENTER, HOUSTON, TX GENERAL INTENTION Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, parts, equipment, tools, transportation, training, and supervision to provide turn-key services for a state of the art water treatment systems for building 104 and 104A chiller plant evaporator systems at the Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center, 2002 Holcombe Blvd., Houston TX 77030. The Contractor shall provide all necessary training to the designated VA employees on how to use the installed products after the installation and setup were complete. The contract price shall be firm-fixed, all inclusive to specified products/equipment, installation, setup/configuration, and training on how to use the installed products/equipment. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Request turn-key services for the purchase of (2) two new state of the art water treatment systems. The Technology shall consist of three primary components: 1. Conditioner 2. Separator 3. Mineralator These components shall work synergistically to address the problems of scaling, bio-fouling and corrosion common to cooling towers. Conditioner The electrostatic conditioner shall force calcium carbonate precipitation in the bulk water, and not allow scale buildup on hot equipment surfaces. Water flows through the channels in the conditioner and the fixed electrostatic charge of the unit's engineered polymer shall use the flow energy of the water itself to achieve its effect. The forced precipitation of calcium carbonate in the water shall allow the system to remove existing scale and prevent further scaling. Organic, biological (bacteria) and some of the lesser soluble inorganic material shall also be absorbed into the growing calcium carbonate particles helping to clean the system. The conditioner shall have no moving parts, require no input electricity and shall be self-cleaning. Separator Calcium carbonate particles created by the conditioner act as seed crystals for further mineral precipitation and as adsorption sites for bio-organisms and dissolved organic matter. These particles grow in size as they circulate through the system and shall are removed from the water by centrifugal force of the separator. The solids, as well as other debris that commonly enters the cooling towers shall be removed to ensure that unit operations such as spray nozzles, tower media, and chiller tubes remain free and unobstructed. Mineralator The mineralator shall add trace quantities of iodine and bromine. These minerals shall be added in very low quantities as most of the nutrients available for bacterial growth are removed by the combination of the conditioner and separator. Discharge of iodine and bromine shall be in very low trace amounts and shall typically meet potable drinking water standards. The system shall allow the water pH to naturally rise to a non-corrosive level, typically around 8.5 - 9.5. GENERAL " Contractor must comply with all MEDVAMC equipment and construction policies including, but not limited to, infection control requirements, interim life safety measures, and security and identification. Contractor will coordinate with MEDVAMC staff on the most appropriate time and place to perform any installation to the convenience of the medical center. " All employees of general contractor and subcontractors shall comply with VA security management program and obtain permission of the VA police, be identified by project and employer, and restricted from unauthorized access. " Contractor must field verify area before any work is to begin. " Before any work is to begin, all personnel must attend safety training from the VA Safety Section (Engineering Services). " Contractor is responsible to replace any items damaged by the contractor, sub-contractor, personnel or equipment. " Contractor has to coordinate work with VA personnel. " Scheduling for the work to begin shall be determined by VA personnel and relayed to the contractor prior to start date. " Contractor is responsible to cleanup area after each work day, and keep area clean at all times. " Contractor shall notify the appropriate VA personnel prior to interrupting any utility service or fire alarm service during the process of this contract. WARRANTY Contractor shall, at a minimum, warranty all workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of acceptance of the work plus warranty from product manufacturer. The period of warranty shall commence at time of the Government's acceptance of the work. If within the warranty period the installed /materials incur breakdowns or become unreliable, the costs to repair or replace installed materials shall be borne by the prime Contractor. POC: Billy Morris @ Have all questions in via email (no calls) no later than Thursday 9/18/14 at 4:00 PM CST. (END OF STATEMENT OF WORK) Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file. Attachment Type: Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Posted Date: September 15, 2014 Description: VA256-14-Q-1578 VA256-14-Q-1578_1.docx Contracting Office Address: Department of Veterans Affairs;Acquisition & Materiel Management;Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center;2002 Holcombe BLVD;Houston TX 77030 4298 Point of Contact(s): Billy Morris