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FREON METER Instruments & laboratory equipment NAICS Code: 333 -- Machinery Manufacturing/333415 -- Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing THIS SOLICITATION AND ANY SUBSEQUENT AMENDMENTS WILL BE POSTED TO THE NECO WEBSITE: WWW.NECO.NAVY.MIL ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF QUOTES IS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE NECO WEBSITE Contracting Office Address: SPMYM2 DLA Maritime Puget Sound 467 W Street 2nd Floor Bremerton, WA Place of Performance: PSNS 1400 FARRAGUT AVE BLDG 514, BREMERTON, WA 98314 US Point of Contact(s): JOHN IVERSEN 360-476-3338 JOHN.IVERSEN@DLA.MIL