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Transportation, travel, & relocation services NAICS Code: 721 -- Accommodation/721110 -- Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels Intent to contract lodging to single occupancy accommodations for 28 (+/-15%), for a period not to exceed 122 days begining 1 Sep 2014 (or upon award of contract) through 31 Dec 2014 with an option of continued service for an additional 12 months. Rooms will be at a negotiated rate that will not exceed the Federal per diem rate which can be accessed at Each unit shall be fully furnished, and at a minimum, consist of: A. Bed(s), the frame/base of which shall be sturdy/sound and in good working order. The mattress shall be at least queen-size, comfortable and of modern make. quote mark Queen-size quote mark is defined as being 60 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long ( The mattress shall be no more than five years old. The mattress shall be adorned with sheets, pillows and blankets that are washed regularly. quote mark Regularly quote mark is defined as weekly or on an as-needed basis. B. Private bath/shower facilities and sink. quote mark Private quote mark is defined as a single occupancy facility that is not shared by any other person. C. Potable hot and cold running water in bath/shower/sink. D. Central or individual heating and air-conditioning in each room E. Color television, to include basic cable F. Closet (defined as an enclosed wardrobe or clothes hanging space) G. Dresser/chest of drawers (minimum 3 drawers) H. Telephone service for local calls only. I. Kitchenette with the following minimum requirements in each room: refrigerator, stove-top consisting of at least two standard size burners or equivalent, microwave, sink, cabinets for food storage, adequate counter-top space for preparation of meals, and adequate dining space (table and chairs) for consumption of meals. J. Safe (individual in room for storing valuables) K. Windows shall be provided with blackout lining, shades, or blinds. If drapes are provided, they must screen out enough sunlight to create near-total darkness. L. High speed internet (wireless) M. Couch/loveseat or sitting chair Note- Other facilities of short term housing that are not necessarily designated as a quote mark hotel/motel quote mark may participate. Requirements will not be changed to meet apartments setting. No alternative proposals will be accepted. An offeror should submit his/her proposal based on his/her best offer - no multiple offers from one vendor. Send all questions NLT 1200hrs 29AUG2014 to The subject line must read quote mark RFI W912L1-14-R-0050 quote mark . * A statement of work will be released upon Solicitation, stating evaluation factors. Additional Info: Contracting Office Address: USPFO for Texas, ATTN: Contracting Officer, P.O. Box 5218, Austin, TX 78763-5218 Place of Performance: ORW II - Lodging no more than 25 miles from Harlingen International Airport. HARLINGEN TX 78750 US Point of Contact(s): Astrid G Sandoval, 512-782-5503 USPFO for Texas