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Ships, small craft, pontoons & floating docks NAICS Code: 336 -- Transportation Equipment Manufacturing/336611 -- Ship Building and Repairing This service requirement is for the contractor to provide qualified personnel, tooling, equipment and facilities for the engineering, technical, repair, logistic support, daily management, supervision, and labor to support the Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) Production and its associated Product Families. The Product Family includes the following shops: Electronics, Weapons, Engine, Corrosion Control, Shipboard Hull, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic systems (HM&E). Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file. Package #1 N55236-14-R-0010.pdf (360.39 Kb) Description: RFP N55236-14-R-0010 (3,452.91 Kb) Description: Section J Attachments Amendment 1 Type: Mod/Amendment N55236-14-R-0010-0001.pdf (518.99 Kb) Description: Amendment 0001 Attachment_4_Product_Family_PWS_3JUN14_Rev1.docx (150.83 Kb) Description: Attachment_4_Product_Family_PWS_3JUN14_Rev1 DD_254_Block_13_continuation_page.pdf (29.49 Kb) Description: DD 254 Block 13 continuation page Amendment 2 Type: Mod/Amendment N55236-14-R-0010-0002.pdf (78.15 Kb) Description: Amendment 0002 Contracting Office Address: 3755 Brinser Street San Diego, California 92136 United States Place of Performance: Naval Base San Diego San Diego, California 92136 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Anthony T. Nguyen, Contract Specialist Phone: 619-556-1942 Secondary Point of Contact: Sharon M Young, Contract Specialist Phone: 619-556-7266