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Fuels, lubricants, oils & waxes NAICS Code: 324 -- Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing/324191 -- Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing DLA Energy: This is a bulk lubricants requirement for locations in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Japan. These requirements may be adjusted during the delivery period and be met by supplemental solicitations tied to Basic Solicitation SP0600-14-R-0066. Bulk Petroleum Business Unit Procurement under the Bulk Lubricants Purchase Program 4.0: NSN 9150-01-555-3598, Lubricating Oil, Engine 40 (L40), 150,000 USG. This product will be delivered to Blount Island, FL for Government shipment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. NSN 9140-01-604-2853, Lubricity Improver Additive (LIA), 80,000 USG. This product will be delivered to San Diego, CA and Norfolk, VA. NSN 9150-00-181-8232 (BULK) Lubricating Oil, Engine (LO6-Grade 9250), MIL-PRF-9000J or MIL-PRF-009000K, 425,000 USG and NSN 9150-01-372-6915 (BULK) Industrial Oil, Steam Turbine (LTL-2190 TEP), MIL-PRF-17331J(1), 1,625,000 USG for delivery to various activities located in CT, FL, NY, VA, CA, WA, and into Government furnished bulk tank containers for HI and Japan (Akasaki and Hakozaki). Purchase Program 4.2: NSN 9150-00-985-7031 (BULK) Lubricating Oil, Jet Engine (LA6-Grade 1010), MIL-PRF-6081D(1), 243,000 USG and NSN 9150-01-430-2884 (BULK) Oils, Lubricating Aircraft Piston Engine (NonDispersant Mineral Oil) (LA7), Viscosity Grade 60, SAE-J 1966 (latest version), 75,000 USG for delivery to various activities located in FL, OK, AZ, VA, CA, and NV. L40 is not a Qualified Products. All other products are Qualified Products. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 324191/424720. A posting notice will be sent to firms on the solicitation mailing list on the date the solicitation is posted. The delivery period for the products under these Purchase Programs is through March 31, 2017, plus a 30-day carry-over period. This solicitation will be available on the World Wide Web at FedBizOps website, Please be advised a hard copy of the solicitation will not be available. If potential offeror(s) do not have access to the internet, a hard copy will be sent upon request. Requests must be faxed to (703) 767-9044, Attn: LaMonica Gipson. Offerors are required to complete, sign, and return the section of the solicitation entitled Offer Submission Package to the DLA Energy Bulk Bid Custodian before the closing date and time. E-mail offers are authorized via Facsimile offers are authorized via 703-767-9044. All offers shall be in the English language and in U.S. dollars. All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which shall be considered. Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file. Solicitation 1 Type: Solicitation SP0600-14-R-0066_-_Offeror_Submission_Package.docx (81.93 Kb) Description: Offeror Submission Package Solicitation 1 Type: Solicitation SP0600-14-R-0066_SF1449.pdf (44.74 Kb) Description: SF1449 Solicitation 1 Type: Solicitation SP0600-14-R-0066_-_Solicitation_Package.pdf (163.13 Kb) Description: Solicitation Package Solicitation 1 Type: Solicitation SP0600-14-R-0066_-_Addendum_Package.pdf (598.41 Kb) Description: Addendum Package Amendment 1 Type: Mod/Amendment AMendment_0001_Final.pdf (51.61 Kb) Description: Amendment 0001 Amendment 2 Type: Mod/Amendment Amendment_0002_Final.pdf (264.70 Kb) Description: Amendment 2 Amendment 3 Type: Mod/Amendment Amendment_0003_Final.pdf (216.44 Kb) Description: Amendment 3 Contracting Office Address: 8725 John J. Kingman Road Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060-6222 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Michael R. Huck, Contract Specialist Phone: 7037679295 Fax: 7037679044 Secondary Point of Contact: Stephany D. Officer, Contract Specialist Phone: 7037675185 Fax: 7037679044