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International telecommunications company is looking for partnership to offer solutions for smart metering project in Greece Basic Information: Location: Peania, Greece Industry : TEL, Telecommunications Eq. Industry : TES, Telecommunications Services Contact Information: Issuing Organization: Intracom Telecom (Intracom S.A Telecom Solutions) Contact Name: Betty Alexandropoulou Voice: +30/210/720 2346 Fax: +30/210/721 8660 Lead Description: Private Lead A Greece based company with activities on turn key project implementation, technical support and operations on telecoms and utility areas, is looking for partnership with companies which can offer solutions for the pilot residential smart metering project in Greece. The company currently implements a smart metering project to the same customer for 60.000 LV industrial-type customers all over Greece. Following a Public consultation published by the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator the Greek firm is looking for the following: Companies offering single phase and/or three phase smart meters with either PLC (OFDM preferable), or GSM/GPRS, or RF (Zigbee or other protocol), or Ethernet/DSL interface. Reference letters for the offered types of meters proving that at least 30.000 are integrated in Central Telemetering Systems (AMM) over the last six years. Reference letters for the offered types of communication devices, proving sales of at least 20,000 pieces over the last six years, for each one of the offered types, and operating satisfactorily is also required. Companies offering In Home Displays that must be able to communicate with the smart meter using a reliable technology for more than 30 meters. Companies offering AMM/MDM system with submission of reference letters from the owners of AMM/MDM system which are in or have commenced commercial operation during the last six years in one or two projects and involves the collection and processing of meter data from at least 250,000 metering points (aggregated). For more information on the requirements please refer to Quantity: EndUser: DEI S.A. (Greek Public Power Corporation) - DEDDIE (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Opera Language: English Seller: Manufacturers only US Firm Information: Letters of interest should comply with the above described requirements.