Trade Leads

Valves NAICS Code: 336 -- Transportation Equipment Manufacturing/336413 -- Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing Contract Award Number: FA8118-17-D-0032 Contract Award Dollar Amount: Estimated Basic Year-$435,512, Option Year I - $435,512.00 Option Year II - $435,512.00, Option Year III - $435,512.00, Option Year IV - $435,512.00 Contractor Awarded DUNS: 007776792 Contractor Awardee: AEROKOOL AVIATION CORPORATION,1495 SE 10TH AVE,HIALEAH FL 33010-5916 Synopsis: Added: Jun 23, 2017 11:29 am No Description Provided Contracting Office Address: DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE; 3001 STAFF DR STE 1AC4 99A; TINKER AFB; OK; 73145-3303 Point of Contact(s): Beth Orton, Phone 405-734-0255, Email