Trade Leads

Plumbing, heating, & sanitation equipment NAICS Code: 332 -- Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing/332913 -- Plumbing Fixture Fitting and Trim Manufacturing Quantity of 650 under sink mounted lead free thermostatic mixing valves which are acceptable for commercial application. Valve body will be of an H pattern and consist of brass construction with 3/8 male quick connect compression fittings, tamper resistant locking nuts and integrated stainless steel mesh strainer. Quantity of 650 low lead content, or lead free check valve with a 3/8 compression check valve assembly consisting of (1) male end and (1) female end and a valve / filter / washer assembly no smaller than 10mm in diameter. Quantity of 1300 low lead content or lead free supply lines. The supply line will be 20 in length with 3/8 compression fitting at each end. Contracting Office Address: Department of Veterans Affairs;Ann Arbor Healthcare System;Network Contracting Office 10;2215 Fuller Road;Ann Arbor MI 48105 Point of Contact(s): Kellie Konopinski