Trade Leads

Shipping and Storage Containers Needed
Containers, packaging, & packing supplies ISO 20 Foot Freight Container, Tan CARC, 8150-01-527-2877, PN SB861.6 CT(0FXA9). 5 each, no option. Quadcon Freight Container Green, Non CARC, 8150-01-528-7550, PN SB812SG (0FXA9), 4 each, no option Quadcon Freight Container, Tan CARC, 8150-01-527-2872, PN SB812CT (0FXA9), 6 each, no option PKG: Commercial. FOB: Destination. The offer due date is October 6, 2016. The solicitation will explain that the drawings are inadequate to enable competitive bidding. This item is restricted to the approved source which is Sea Box. Only the approved source will be considered on this buy. See the solicitation for details.