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Administrative and Support Services Needed 
Professional, administrative, and management support services NAICS Code: 561 -- Administrative and Support Services/561990 -- All Other Support Services 1. Position Title: Senior Education Advisor 2. Market Value: GS-14 - $87,263 to $113,444. Final compensation will be based upon the candidate past salary and work history, experience, and educational background of the successful candidate. 3. Place of Performance: Kampala, Uganda 4. Period of Performance: One year only contract. 5. The U.S. Agency for International Development Mission in Uganda seeks to employ a U.S. (U.S. and Resident Aliens) offshore or resident in Uganda and Third Country National Personal Services Contractor to provide technical advice and program management as the AOR/COR of education awards. 6. Education: Master's Degree in education, science, sociology, development studies, public administration, international affairs, or other closely related academic discipline. 7. Work Experience: Minimum of seven years of progressively responsible professional or program experience in development programs, with multilateral and bilateral donors, NGOs, and/or government is required; At least five years' experience in education programs with emphasis on primary education is required; Experience with donor agency/mission organization, procedures, and operations systems (e.g., development approaches; procedures for programming funds, defining objectives, and monitoring results; and procedures for awarding Grants and Contracts) are required; East Africa experience is desired. 8. Knowledge: Knowledge of best practices in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating education programs is needed. Knowledge of the East African context, government (Uganda) organizational culture, structure, policies, programs and operations and development priorities is desired. Knowledge of strategies, programs, and working methodologies of other donor agencies in the education sector is desired. Knowledge of the structure and workings of the US government is desired. 9. Skills and abilities: Strong analytical, management and organizational skills are required; Demonstrated ability in strategic planning, technical and socio-economic analysis, and budget preparation and reporting skills; Considerable confidentiality, sensitivity, poise and maturity are mandatory as the applicant will represent USAID in meetings with Ugandan officials and donor partners; Possession of strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, the ability to work within a team setting and with minimal supervision; Strong leadership and negotiating skills are required; Demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in computer office applications are required; Level II AOR/COR certification or the ability to reinstate Level II certification within one month of employment is required. 10. Language: Excellent English writing and speaking ability is required; Demonstrated capacity to communicate complex policy, strategy, and program issues orally and in writing in a clear, concise, and well-organized manner. 11. Security Clearance: Building Access . Medical Clearance: STATE MED. 12. Applicants meeting the required qualifications for the position will be evaluated based on information presented in the application and obtained through reference checks. Additionally, interviews and writing samples may be requested only from the top scoring candidates. USAID reserves the right to conduct telephonic interviews with the most highly ranked applicants and make the interview a deciding factor in selection. 13. Notice to Applicants: USAID reserves the right to obtain from previous employers relevant information concerning the applicant's past performance, technical knowledge, required skills, including teamwork and team-building experience and may consider such information in its evaluation. Shortlisted candidates may be required to submit writing samples and/or do a written test. USAID/Uganda shall not pay for any expenses associated with the interviews. Introduction: The Advisor will serve as the Basic Education Unit Lead and will work with other team members to ensure timely and effective program planning, oversight and reporting. The Senior Advisor will oversee and mentor other education staff and ensure coordination with other Mission technical and support offices on all aspects of management, reporting and project implementation. S/he will supervise at least one staff member as well as create integrated linkages with EYCD OVC and with other USAID technical areas/offices. S/he will also contribute to representing the Mission with other development partners, local counterparts and stakeholders, and program participants. B. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Implement the Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation initiative of USAID/Uganda in Basic Education programming. 2. Serve as the Unit Leader for the Basic Education Unit within EYCD and supervises at least one staff member. 3. Analyze and identifies systems reforms pertaining to Basic Education and works towards programming strategies, both with and without direct USAID funding, in support of these reforms. 4. Ensure effective project management, monitoring and reporting as a COR/AOR. Oversee the preparation of required financial and programmatic reports for USAID/Uganda senior management and USAID/Washington. Maintain program records and prepares future funding plans and revisions. 5. In support of the new CDCS, advise and participate in program and activity integration and identifies synergies for optimal resource utilization and impact achievement. 6. Establish and maintain excellent working relationships with Ugandan officials in government e.g. linkages with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Sports. 7. Liaise with government, donors, and local development partners in implementation of the Basic Education program. 8. Prepare briefing materials, issues papers, and status and progress reports. Develop performance monitoring plans and monitors their implementation, conducts evaluations and reporting in support of the USAID/Uganda's education portfolio. Participate in the preparation of annual reports such as the Periodic Performance Report and Operational Plan to USAID/Washington and other special or periodic reports. Supervision: The Senior Education Advisor is will be supervised by the EYCD Office Director. For detailed scope of work and evaluation criteria, please send email to and Contracting Office Address: Dept. of State Washington, District of Columbia 20521-2190 Place of Performance: Kampala, Uganda c/o USAID/Uganda, US Embassy Compound South Wing, Plot 1577 Ggaba Road Postal Office Box:7856, Kampala Kampala, Uganda Primary Point of Contact.: Grace W. Nakaddu Phone: 256-41-4306-001 Fax: 2546-41-4306-661 Secondary Point of Contact: Godfrey Kyagaba, A&A Specialist Phone: 256414306001 Fax: 256-414306661