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Printing and Related Support Activities Needed
Photographic, mapping, printing, & publication services NAICS Code: 323 -- Printing and Related Support Activities/323111 -- Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books) PRODUCT: Desk top day planner pad printed direct to plate in 4 color process plus Spot Varnish, face side only, shrink-wrap and box in packs of 25. TITLE: FY’2016/17 DESKTOP DAY PLANNER FORM NUMBER: M-517/16 QUANTITY: 200,000 Desk Top Day Planner Pad (FIRM) PLUS: 50 Quality Assurance Sample Desktop Planner — 17 Department Sample Desktop Planner—5 Samples Trim size: Day Planner Sheets 21–3/4 x 14-1/4? Base sheets=21-3/4 x 17? Chipboard backing=21-3/4×17? STOCK/PAPER: Day Planner sheets – L0160 White Offset Book, basis weight: 70lbs per 500 sheets, equal to JCP Code A60. Base Sheet – Litho Coated Cover (C1S), White, 12 Pt. (JCP L70) Backing – Chipboard @ 22 pt. Thick Book Cloth – Black, 1-5/8? wide strip. INK: 4 color process. VARNISH: A “low rub” spot varnish required over all full color illustrations and color builds. PRINTING: Each day planner sheet (12) and Base sheet prints face only in 4 color process. The Base Sheet prints face only the bottom portion (2-3/4? x 21-3/4?). FORMAT: Day Planner: Day Planner Sheets July 2016 thru June 2017, a 13th sheet (Base Sheet) to be collated in sequence, padded (top edge) with black book cloth and chipboard backing (22 pt. thick). Follow files for color breaks. MARGINS: 12 day planner sheets/page, all pages bleed all 4 sides. Base Sheet Bleeds 3 sides. PERFORATION: There is one (1) requirements as listed below: •1. Day Planner Sheets – Perforate once, with a full horizontal perforation along the 21-3/4? dimension, ¾” from the top edge. Trim 4 sides. Collate day planner sheets July 2016 thru June 2017, Base Sheet and backing chipboard and bind with four (4) wire stitches @ 7-1/4? center to center and 1/4? center to edge along the 21-3/4? top dimension, through the sheets and chipboard. After wire stitching, cover along the bind edge with a 1-5/8? X 21-3/4? strip of black book cloth, lapping equally @ approximately 11/16? over the top sheet and wrapping around the top edge to lap over the chipboard. Cloth strip must be firmly glued in place. Die cut four (4) ¾” slits on the lower right side of the base sheet to house a business card. Follow files for position. Apply two (2) 1? X 1? patches of double sided tape on the chipboard, one patch on the left side @ 1-1/4? from the left trim edge and one on the right side @ 1-1/4? from the right trim edge. Position both patches approximately @ 1-1/2? from the bottom. NOTE: End user will expose double sided tape adhesive and fasten base sheet to backing sheet, after inserting business card. Contracting Office Address: 928 Jaymore Road, Suite A-190 Southampton, Pennsylvania 18966-3820 Primary Point of Contact.: Melita Webb, Printing Specialist Phone: 21536464655 Secondary Point of Contact: Debra L. Rozdzielski, Manager Phone: 215-364-6465 Fax: 215-364-6479