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Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Needed
Professional, administrative, and management support services NAICS Code: 541 -- Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services/541990 -- All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services You have received this "Personal Services Contractor" (PSC) solicitation through the Department of State (DOS) Internet site. If you have any questions regarding this PSC, you may contact the DOS Official named in this solicitation. The Department is not responsible for any data and/or text not received when retrieving this document electronically. Amendments to solicitation documents generally contain information critical to the submission of an application. Aviation Maintenance Advisor Kabul, Afghanistan Issuance Date: 12/02/2015 Closing Date: 12/16/2015 SOLICITATION NUMBER: PSC-16-008-INL SUBJECT A solicitation for a Personal Services Contractor (PSC), Department of State (DOS), Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) The United States Government (USG), represented by the DOS, seeks applications from US citizens interested in providing PSC services as described in this solicitation. HOW TO APPLY Offeror's proposals shall be in accordance with the requirements stated in this solicitation at the place and time specified. A proposal will be determined non-responsive and ineligible for consideration unless all required documents and information are included in the submission. Offerors shall ensure their resume demonstrates their possession of the minimum qualifications outlined in this Solicitation, as well as their ability to fulfill all required duties. PROPOSALS MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 1) Form OF-612 (Completed and signed) To be considered responsive to the solicitation, you must submit a completed and signed OF-612. Otherwise, your submission is considered non-responsive and will not be considered. 2) Resume 3) Three (3) letters of recommendation OR three (3) references, including contact information Submit all proposals via e-mail to the attention of: INL/Vicki Stewart E-mail: Direct questions regarding this solicitation to: INL/Vicki Stewart Email: INL will not accept late proposals unless it can be determined DOS mishandled the proposal. 1. SOLICITATION NUMBER: PSC-16-008-INL 2. ISSUANCE DATE: 12/02/2015 3. CLOSING DATE: 12/16/2015 4. TIME SPECIFIED FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS: 3:00 PM, EST 5. POSITION TITLE: Aviation Maintenance Advisor 6. MARKET VALUE: $82,350 - $120,934 (FS 02) 7. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: One year from date of award and four option years 7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Kabul, Afghanistan 8. JOB DESCRIPTION: See below GENERAL STATEMENT OF THE PURPOSE OF THIS CONTRACT AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CONTRACTOR: The US Department of State (DOS) provides secure, safe Quick Reaction Force (QRF) transport, Search and Rescue (SAR), Medical Evaluation (ME), route reconnaissance and convoy escort, and air transportation of personnel and equipment in support of Embassy programs in Afghanistan. To accomplish the mission a fleet of aircraft, potentially including fixed wing aircraft, light lift helicopters and medium lift helicopters will be required. The aircraft will perform their missions during the hours of daylight and darkness (to include Night Vision Goggles) under both visual meteorological conditions and instrument meteorological conditions. Aircraft and crews must be available on a 24 hour basis to meet the needs of the U.S. Mission in Afghanistan Purpose: The Maintenance Advisor serves the in-country advisor responsible for providing program implementation, direction, and execution oversight in support of aviation transportation services in Afghanistan for Search and Rescue (SAR) and medical evacuations (ME), transporting Quick Reaction Forces (QRF) to respond to incidents, and where noted, provide air transportation (AT) for Chief of Mission personnel or other personnel required by Government to conduct official business. Monitors and evaluates aviation support services contractor performance in maintenance, operations and logistics by performing oversight duties at various contractor locations during at least half of the period of performance. Relationships: The Maintenance Advisor works under the direct supervision of the Aviation Operations Director (AOD); however, he/she exercises wide latitude for independent action, initiating projects and executing approved new programs under general supervision. The Maintenance Advisor will coordinate directly with INL/A, Chief, Maintenance Division, for purposes of this program. Completed work is reviewed for timeliness and effectiveness. This is a field position, and the incumbent will perform oversight duties at various contractor locations during at least half of the period of performance. Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Perform oversight and evaluation of contractor aircraft maintenance and maintenance training. Oversight includes reviewing contractor maintenance procedures, and monitoring contractor maintenance operations. 2. Submit periodic written evaluations of the contractor's activities, and provides comprehensive award fee input to the AOD regarding contractor activities related to maintenance support for inclusion in the monthly award fee evaluation. 3. Assist the AOD in directing and coordinating both fixed and rotary wing maintenance support for the purpose of providing program implementation, direction, and execution oversight for SAR and ME, transporting QRF to respond to incidents, and where noted, provide AT for Chief of Mission personnel or other personnel required by Government to conduct official business and providing maintenance and maintenance training support for the program. 4. Develop, coordinate, organize, and implement comprehensive aircraft maintenance support systems and procedures. These operational systems and procedures include, but are not limited to DOS Maintenance and Logistics Support Plans; Aircrew Training Program, Aviation Operations Directives, Guide to Aviation Training and Standardization, Aircrew Training Manuals, INL/A Standard Operating Procedures, and Deployment procedures. 5. Oversee the Maintenance Test Pilot Standardization Program. 6. Provide general direction and guidance to the contractor aviation maintenance activities and personnel. This activity includes, but is not limited to, planning and coordination with DOD, DOS, and other federal agencies for the purpose of providing maintenance support. 7. Collect, review, and disseminate data on aviation maintenance management policies/ procedures. 8. Perform supervisory pilot duties in fixed or rotary wing aircraft 9. Knowledge of and skill in operation of desktop computer based word related documents. 10. Basic knowledge of U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulations, including, but not limited to FAR Part 1, 61, 67, 91, 135, 137, 141, 143, and NTSB 830. Minimum Requirements: 1. U.S. citizen able to obtain/maintain a Department of State Secret security clearance, and medical clearance, and ethics clearance, if applicable. 2. In-depth knowledge and experience as an Aviation Maintenance Supervisor in a medium to large Aviation Organization of the U.S. Armed Forces or U.S. Civilian Agency/Corporation. 3. In-depth knowledge of Aviation Maintenance and Logistics Support Programs, to include logistics plans, procedures, and related documents. 4. In-depth knowledge of U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations as they relate to aircraft maintenance support. 5. Basic knowledge of computer based maintenance and logistical support programs. 6. Broad knowledge of and experience as a staff officer in a medium to large aviation organization, related to the formulation of plans and policies pertaining to aircraft maintenance management. 7. Basic knowledge of command communications, government intelligence procedures, and aircraft maintenance management procedures. 8. Proven ability to complete the FSI Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) online course within the first 120 days of assignment successfully. 9. Proficient in Microsoft Office Desired Knowledge and Skills: 1. Certification as a FAA Airframe and Power-plant mechanic with experience in rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. 2. Experience as a military or a commercial rotary wing maintenance test pilot. 3. Ten years' experience in aircraft maintenance, of which five were as a supervisor in either civil or military aviation programs. 4. Experience in turbine powered fixed wing aircraft maintenance. 5. Experience in aircraft maintenance as a quality control supervisor in either a large civil or military aviation program. 6. Knowledge of Aviation Life Support Equipment. 7. Possession of a current U.S. FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate Rotorcraft, Helicopter Instrument and/or Airplane, Single/Multi-Engine Land with Instrument rating. 8. Basic knowledge of FAA Aviation Safety regulations and procedures, OSHA regulations, and experience as a military/civil aviation safety officer or formal training/education. 9. Basic knowledge of tactical employment of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, including capabilities, limitations and techniques of employment of aircraft used by the INL/A. Physical Demands: Work is physical and sedentary in nature and involves activity at both the main and field locations and may require some physical exertion and dexterity. Will require the physical ability to safely maneuver on aircraft exterior surfaces (top of the aircraft as allowed by the technical publications and configuration of the aircraft) as needed to evaluate contractor work or conduct inspections of aircraft systems that are not at ground level. Maintenance Advisor works independently and performs fieldwork in remote areas for extended periods without assistance. Work Environment: Work is conducted in an office or aircraft hangar with extensive travel to the field for meetings, conferences, activity reviews, and field inspections/program evaluations and flight evaluations. Field sites have been declared hazardous duty locations by the DOS due to hostile activities of armed groups and therefore pose significant risk while at these sites. This position will require the carriage of weapons in conjunction with oversight duties. Personnel may be required to complete initial and recurrent weapons qualifications IAW Diplomatic Security requirements and must comply with the Post Firearms and Use of Force policies. Evaluation Criteria: Factor 1: Contract Oversight: (25 points) Ability to perform oversight and evaluation of contractor and host nation maintenance and logistical activities. Prepare and coordinate periodic reports on contractor performance, both orally and in writing; prepare comprehensive award fee input. Provide maintenance and logistical support direction and guidance to the contractor for the purpose of supporting the mission in Afghanistan. Ability to coordinate with Government representatives and supervise contractor personnel. Factor 2: Assist the AOD: (25 points) Ability to assist the AOD in directing and coordinating aircraft maintenance and logistical support for the purpose of providing maintenance and logistical support to the program. Provide instruction, evaluation and guidance regarding maintenance/logistical support. Factor 3: Develop, Coordinate, Organize and Implement Maintenance and Logistical Support: (25 points) Ability to develop, coordinate and organize comprehensive aircraft maintenance and logistical support systems and procedures. Implement Maintenance, Logistics and Material Support Plans, Standing Operating Procedures and provide direction and guidance to the contractor. Factor 4: Past Performance: (25 points) Past performance evaluation of applicant's ability to perform under the contract. In conducting the evaluation, the USG reserves the right to utilize all evaluation information available at the time of the evaluation, whether provided by the applicant or obtained from other sources. Pre-Award Ethical Responsibilities of PSC (JUN 2011) This solicitation may result in the award of one or more personal services contracts as defined in FAR 2.101. Prior to contract award, all offerors or quotes must advise the cognizant Contracting Officer if they have a personal conflict of interest, such as a financial conflict, that would prevent them from either meeting the requirements of the clause entitled, "Post-Award Ethical Responsibilities of Personal Services Contractors," or otherwise objectively performing their contractual duties upon contract award. VETERAN'S PREFERANCE Veteran's Preference is not applicable to this position. COMPENSATION For award, INL will negotiate for this contract based on the following: