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 Transportation Equipment Manufacturing  Needed
Aircraft components & accessories NAICS Code: 336 -- Transportation Equipment Manufacturing/336413 -- Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing The United States Coast Guard C-27J program requires spare aircraft parts for the fleet. Only the exact part numbers listed on the Purchase Order will be accepted. This requirement must be restricted to authorized sources of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or firms who can effectively demonstrate their ability to provide the components and obtain the proprietary data required meeting form, fit, and function of the units. The Coast Guard requires that distributors or other potential sources be ASA-100 certified, or in compliance with other quality systems listed in FAA Advisory Circular 00-56A. These requirements are necessary in order for the Coast Guard to maintain the capability to adequately support all Coast Guard missions. The solicitation is an RFQ. Hard copies of this solicitation are not available. Specifications, plans, or drawings are not available. All responsible sources may submit a quote which, if timely received, shall be considered. Vendor determination is going to be the one that can provide Lowest Price Technically Acceptable. FOB Origin Only Quotes may be submitted electronically to the e-mails provided on this solicitation. Contracting Office Address: 2703 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVE SE STOP 7828 Washington, District of Columbia 20593-7828 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Elicia Pratt Phone: 2024753198